Monday, January 14, 2013

Oskar Blues in Brevard

Oskar Blues Brewery, out of Colorado, has recently opened a facility near Asheville in Brevard, NC.

The coolest part - they offer a TROLLEY that picks you up in downtown Asheville and takes you all the way to the brewery then brings you back to town as soon as the brewery closes. What awesomeness is that. They are doing this on Saturdays and it leaves from behind Thirsty Monk off of Coxe at 5pm. Drops you off in the same spot.

So it is pretty awesome to get a ride out to the brewery and not have to drive but on top of that their beers are delicious. My favorite was the G'Knight, an imperial red ale. Yum.

I started drinking it before I remembered to take a photo of it.


  1. Enjoyed talking and drinking with you at Oskar Blue!

    Ride back was fun, too.

    1. We enjoyed your company as well. Take care and maybe we'll see you on the bus again one day soon!