Friday, January 11, 2013

Beer and Now: The Future!

Hello Beer and Now readers! I'm sorry there hasn't been much content here lately. I have big plans for the site though, so stay tuned.

I'm afraid I have been spending quite a bit of time focusing on tiny houses. See, I started writing for two tiny house blogs and I have my first book due out in March. You can check out my other site, for more information about that.

However, I intend to revive this blog a bit not only writing about beer making, which I will be doing again soon, but also about the Asheville beer scene. There is so much awesome beer and related beer culture in this city that I should be writing about here. I hope to be able to pay some attention to this blog even while everything with the tiny house writing is going on.

In the meantime, here are some beer related photos for your viewing pleasure.

Delicious Dogfish Head beers from a pint night at Thirsty Monk in May.
A tiny taste of Asheville Brewing's Summer beer, District 12 back in May. Look at my tiny orange! 
And then the Asheville Summer Beer Festival
Mmm... bacon and beer.
And we went to the Oktoberfest celebration downtown. It was Fall and I could finally wear my beer hat! 
And Matt got this tiny beer at Thirsty Monk.
And, finally, I had this delicious Cold Mountain while sitting on the patio of the Grove Park Inn overlooking Asheville.
I'm glad you've stuck around. Be prepared for some new content and possibly big changes here at Beer and Now! 

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