Sunday, January 16, 2011

Visit to Beer Supply Store

After our adventure in beer brewing apprenticeship yesterday, Matt and I decided to go to the local Sandy Springs beer store to get some supplies.  We were going to go after the Bears Vs. Seahawks playoff game but it was so one sided and therefore boring that we headed out before it was over.

Mostly, I just wanted to mention Wine Craft of Atlanta (soon to be called Beer and Wine Craft).  The owners were super cool and really walked us through what we needed and gave us a deal on all of our equipment.  We got a lot of major items including a glass carboy and a kit to make a brown ale.  It is one of my favorite "every day" beers so I figured it would be a good one for a first try.

When we got home we hopped online and bought a 16 quart stainless pot for brewing as well as a chrome shelving unit to store the items in the room we are converting to be our beer headquarters.

As I mentioned earlier we will be in Asheville at a beer festival next weekend and after that it will be time for me to start my own beer brewing experiments. 

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